Ganesha Caffe- one of the best shisha bars in Bucharest

Ganesha Caffe- one of the best shisha bars in Bucharest

The people of Bucharest have many preferences when it comes to the places when you spend your free time. They want to find places with a special design, that bring something new and inspire them. They do not want only to post a perfect picture on social media, they want to make memories with their friends and family and especially to escape from the ordinary, from the urban jungle.

Shisha-loved by the people in Bucharest Shisha Ganesha Caffe.

Regardless of the season, the people in Bucharest love to gather at a bar and somke shisha (or hookah). They love the exotic atmosphere that is created like this and also the many flavors they can try. Of course, the quality of the shisha is very important in this equation. The Kings Valley is a well-known place in Bucharest (in the city center) for the good and cheap shisha. Sometimes, the people of Bucharest need a different scenery and they wonder where they can find, in their city, a bar with an interesting decor where they can smoke good sisha.

Ganesha Caffe-one of the best shisha bars in Bucharest 

Ganesha Caffe is one of those bars, a hidden exotic gem near the city center.  Here, the clients love the exotic decor, materialized in furniture, textures and the paintings. Ganesha Caffe is a sort of sensual altar dedicated to the god with the same name. The customers can be spoiled by the refined Oriental atmosphere and can taste Lebanese food, popular but also very healthy.  In the summer, the exotic garden is the perfect place to forget about the ordinary and the city’s atmosphere. In the autumn and winter, the inside of the bar is perfect for tasting the wonders of the Lebanese cuisine and admire the unique decor.

At Ganesha Caffe, you can smoke one of the best shisha in Bucharest 

To complement the exotic decor, at Ganesha Caffe you can smoke shisha and feel like a sultan or like an Arabian princess.
The novelty here (besides the taste and the quality of the aromas used) is the fact that the clients can make their own aroma. They can combine any of the flavors in the meniu (two or three aromas). The most popular aromas for smoking shisha at Ganesha Caffe are the fruity ones (strawberries, cherries, apples, peaches etc) and various interesting combinations that attract the clients: gum&cinnamon, blueberries&mint or chocolate and mint (a refreshing aroma for the hot summer days), watermelon&mint, and of course only mint.  The clients can try the flavor of the local, a very popular one.

Why the people of Bucharest love the shisha from Ganesha Caffe Shop

The people of Bucharest agree that the shisha that they can taste at Ganesha Caffe is of superior quality. Besides that, what can be more beautiful than to smoke a good shisha in an exotic place? The decor will make you think you’re there, in an oriental world.